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Riv Div 552

Tra Cu, Vietnam

My Sunday Best I was a Naval Operations Center watchstander for River Division 552 in Tra Cu, Vietnam in 1969/70 - I was only 18 at the time. Another lifetime ago. I was stationed in Tra Cu for 9 months. I was transfered to support the PBR Mobile Base 2 in Tan An for 2 months and then to Headquarters of operation Giant Slingshot in Ben Luc for a month. PBRs tied up in the canal

Riv Div 552 was part of Operation Giant SlingShot

pin from Operation Giant SlingShot Operation Giant Sling Shot was primarily a U.S.Navy Operation to cut off supplies coming down from the Parrot's Beak region of Cambodia towards Saigon. This operation stationed half a dozen PBR divisions on the Vam Co Tay and Vam Co Dong Rivers. These PBR divisions monitored traffic on the river. Tra Cu was situated on a canal running off of the Vam Co Dong River.
The base was little more than a few hootches and sandbaged bunkers a few feet above sea level. The other half of Tra Cu was occupied by a Green Beret forward camp attached to an ARVN unit. I had forgotten but was reminded that the navy seals and the 9th Infantry Division also periodically staged operations out of Tra Cu

During the rainy season
Home Sweet Home
The hootch we slept in
John Dudzik at work

Naval Operation Center

The Daily Mail Run

PBRs on Patrol

The Intelligence Officer's
Back Room

One last Picture Of Riv Div 552.
There where no roads into Tra Cu, the only way in was by helo or boat. I believe that is some sort of LCM or mike boat down the canal probably bringing in supplies.
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Navy Reading List

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